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12 Simple Nail Art Designs to Try out at Home for Beginners

These days, nail art is all the rage, with women everywhere eager to try out various designs, whether they’re into minimalistic styles or prefer something more straightforward. Adorning your nails with simple yet stylish designs can truly enhance your overall appearance, much like getting a new hairstyle or makeover. If you’re a beginner unsure of where to begin, fret not! Here’s a compilation of 12 easy-to-try nail art designs perfect for experimenting at home.

Nail Art Designs

Below, you’ll find Nail Art Designs that are suitable for trying at home, even if you’re a youngster. It’s a great time to get creative and adorn your nails with vibrant colors to achieve a stunning look. Let’s delve into some straightforward nail art designs.

List of the Easy Nail Art Designs

1. Painted Tip Easy Nail Art Designs

Here’s one of the newest nail art trends: for this straightforward design, ensure your nails are the right length. Just paint the tips of your nails with your chosen color and once it’s dry, apply a thick layer of clear polish. This is among the simplest nail art, guaranteed to give your nails a beautifully painted look.

2. Smokey Simple Nail Art Designs

Receiving compliments on your nail art design is a fantastic validation of your creativity, and it feels great. This particular design is reminiscent of a smoky effect, but it’s for your nails, not your eyes. Blend glitter with a dark grey or black nail polish for a simple yet striking nail art design, then allow it to dry. Once applied and dried on your nails, you can add two coats for a polished finish. This nail paint design is ideal for making a stunning statement at your next party or event.

Nail Art Designs

3. Shade Splash Easy Nail Art Designs

Give this incredibly easy nail art design a try to express your love for vibrant colors on your nails. Start by applying a thin layer of white nail polish and let it dry. Then, use your thumb and a fine-tipped dry brush to apply your favorite colors onto your nails. Once dry, seal it with another coat of clear nail polish. Say hello to your gorgeous nails!

4. Orange and White Flames Simple Nail Art Designs

Here’s a fresh nail art design option. The color combination is fabulous and lends itself perfectly to creating the ideal summer nail look. If you’re aiming for a different vibe, you can always switch up the nail color palette. Just ensure you have nail art strips and the colors orange and white on hand. Start by applying two coats of white nail polish as the base. Once dry, position the strips diagonally across each other and paint your nails yellow. Place another strip vertically in the center and paint one side of it orange. To complete the look, add a coat of clear polish.

5. Pastel Colours Simple Nail Art Designs

Here’s one of the simplest nail art you’ll come across. All you have to do is paint your nails with a variety of complementary pastel colors. It’s guaranteed to look fantastic on your nails. Feel free to add a second layer if you prefer. This straightforward design is not only beautiful but also beginner-friendly.

6. Polka Dot Easy Nail Art Designs

A simple and speedy method to add a playful flair to your nails is by incorporating polka dots. They can be customized to match your personal style and are among the easiest nail art. Just pick two of your favorite colors and apply them as contrasting dots on your nails. Once the first nail polish shade has dried, use a brush to create circles with the second color. Now you can flaunt your vintage-inspired style with this fun look.

Nail Art Designs

7. Easy Floral Simple Nail Art Designs

If you’re aiming to enhance the beauty of your nails with a more refined and uncomplicated nail art design, consider trying something like this. Start by applying two coats of a light nail polish, such as cream or white, as the base color. Once it’s dried, use a fine brush to delicately paint two-toned flowers. For added shine and durability, finish off with a layer of clear nail polish once everything has dried.

8. Colourful Cloudy Simple Nail Art Designs

True to its name, this vibrant nail art design adds a burst of color and enhances your overall look. Choose a dark shade that contrasts well and apply it as the base color for the entire nail. Once it’s dry, use a single stroke to apply another coat to half of each nail. Repeat this process with a final coat once the second layer has dried. Finish off the design with a layer of clear polish for a polished finish.

9. Plastic wrap Simple Nail Art Designs

Out of all the straightforward nail art designs, this one stands out as particularly intriguing. To achieve this look, you’ll only need your favorite nail polish color and some plastic wrap. Select two nail polish colors that contrast well together for this design. After applying one coat of nail polish to your nails, allow it to dry completely. Then, apply a coat of the second color and before it dries, gently press a piece of plastic wrap onto the nail to create an interesting texture.

10. Cute Pink Easy Nail Art Designs

For those who see nails as a canvas, this particular design offers simplicity and elegance. You have the freedom to select any nail color you desire. As the name suggests, opt for two shades of pink, like a light and a dark pink, blend them together, and apply the blended nail polish to your nails. Achieve a beautiful effect by gently dabbing your nails with a sponge.

11. Two-Toned Simple Nail Art Designs

Tired of the usual dull colors? Elevate your nail game with this simple yet stunning nail art design. Select two distinct shades of rust, perhaps a light and a dark rust. Start by applying the first coat diagonally across your nails, then follow up with the second coat in a circular motion. Voila! Greet your gorgeous nails.

12. Diagonal Easy Nail Art Designs

Here’s a fantastic and straightforward nail art design for those looking to unleash their creativity on their nails. Select three contrasting colors of your choice. Begin by applying a base coat using one of the colors. Then, apply a second coat in a diagonal pattern using the second color, followed by a final coat in the opposite diagonal direction using the third color.

Here are 12 straightforward nail art that you can experiment with at home. Engaging an expert in simple nail art designs is an excellent way to make a stylish statement.

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